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3-Oct 6:00 PM
Indianapolis, IN Barnes and Noble
The Shops at River Crossing

4-Oct 6:00 PM
Evansville, IN Barnes and Noble

6-Oct 6:00 PM
Louisville, KY B&N Paddock Shops

10-Oct 6:00 PM
Little Rock Barnes and Noble

13-Oct 6:00 PM
Fayetteville, AR Barnes and Noble

17-Oct 6:00 PM
Bloomington, IN Barnes and Noble

20-Oct 6:00 PM
Lafayette, IN Barnes and Noble

25-Oct 6:00 PM
Fort Wayne. IN Barnes and Noble

27-Oct 6:00 PM
Greenwood, In Barnes and Noble

7-Nov 6:00 PM
Clackamas, OR Barnes & Noble
Clackamas Town Center Mall

9-Nov 6:00 PM
Kennewick WA Barnes & Noble
Columbia Center

14-Nov 6:00 PM
Cary, NC Barnes & Noble
Cary Commons

17-Nov 6:00 PM
Columbus GA Barnes & Noble
Columbus Park North

6-Dec 6:00 PM
Thousand Oaks, CA Barnes & Noble

26-Jan Changing Hands Tempe Store

I will also be visiting TX, and FL. More info to follow.

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