Why You Don’t Need to Worry About Seeing Your Book on Illegal Download Sites

I wrote this post a couple of years ago based on information available at that time. Things have a changed a lot in the last two years. I will be writing a new post with many link and detailed research soon. I will link to it here when I post it. Thanks!


  1. Hey Jeff I was wondering if you’ve heard anything from Mark Forman? He’s been quiet recently on his blog and there’s been no word on if he’s doing alright.

  2. Mr. Savage,
    You recently spoke to the students at Metro E School of Design in Corpus Christi, Texas. My granddaughter, Hannah Hundley, was very impressed with your presentation and had hoped to purchase your book, “Mysteries of Cove, FIre of Invention” at your signing at the Barnes and Noble Book Store. I was wondering if I could impose on you to write her at 1563 Lazy Lane, Corpus Christi, Texas 78415. I believe it would be the highlight of her 2015 Christmas to receive a personal letter from you to place in the book she received as a Christmas gift. Thank you for your consideration

  3. Can you tell us anything about Book 2 of “Mysteries of Cove”? Or do we have to wait five years like M.L. Forman is making us do?

  4. I am trying really hard to find mark Forman’s blog, but it seems to have disappeared. Does anyone know how to find it? Please answer ASAP!

  5. Okay, so it’s not just me. I just learned that the entire blog is down. Thank goodness, I though there was something wrong with my computer. But it’s the site that’s not working. My computer is just fine.

  6. I was just having this discussion with my boyfriend last night!

    I’ve been reading some articles that show most ‘pirates’ are the biggest consumer group you can find.



    The second article being just 2 days ago!

    I love books, and I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I say I have thousands of books. I’m talking in print, physical, I-can-hold-you, books.

    So many that I have a “Library” room in my house. (And it’s beautiful!)

    Buuut, I’m also part of a secret underground booksharing club.

    I’ve proven I am absolutely more than willing to buy a book! (Seriously, thousands) But there are times that I think pirating is the way to go.

    For example, there is this extraordinarily rare book I’ve been wanting to read for YEARS. It’s been out of print for 20+ years, and copies of it are going for over $100. I was able to find a free fileshared version online and skip an OOP pricetag.

    Or audiobooks. I absolutely LOVE reading. Feeling the pages turn beneath your fingertips as you cuddle a book in your arms. But if I know I have a long commute, I’ll find the audiobook of it so I don’t have to waste that driving time that I could be listening.

    And these are just excuses. I know that it’s still considered wrong. But if I find a book, or a series I love through a friend, I will tell everyone I know to read it! And often times, I will then buy the books to show how much I enjoyed that story.

    In the end I think piracy, in a way, should be considered more positively than it is today. There are people out there enjoying your story right now! And maybe in the future when the movie comes out they’ll want to see it because of those fond memories! Or if you leave your book on a fantastic cliff hanger, they’ll HAVE to buy your next book because they are so excited for it!

    Word of mouth is so powerful….

  7. I just finished reading Fires of Invention and I freaking loved it! Do you have an idea of when you might start working on the second book? I need more of Kallista, Trenton, and Ladon!

  8. My son just finished the Fourth Nephite. He is so wanting to read the next book in the series but we don’t seem to be able to find it. Are you still writing it? When will it be out?

  9. I just finished panicking over 3 different sites advertising a free copy of my book, “Sugar Whipped.” I almost pressed “download” and then I decided–perhaps I should look to see if other published authors deal with this sort of thing before clicking on the strange looking page from Romania. I found this and I feel better! 😀

    Thank you!

    -Dez Marie

  10. Jeff,
    It’s me! Carmen! From HHHH in 2004! This is awesome! I knew you could do it! Saw you had 2 of your books recommend on LDS Living Magazine. You deserve all that and more! And to say that I ‘knew you when’! Yesssss!

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