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I know you are all anxious to read Fire Keep, the last book in the Farworld series. And I can’t tell you how anxious I am to have you read it. It’s been over five years since Water Keep introduced Marcus, Kyja, Riph Raph, and all the other fun characters of this series. Since that time, I’ve visited over a thousand schools signed thousands and thousands and thousands of books, posters, and bookmarks. I’ve met so many amazing readers, and enjoyed every minute of the ride.

As you know, the trip has been a little bumpy at times. That’s one of the things about writing a series—you have no idea what will happen between the first and the last book. Sometimes life takes weird twists and turns. That was definitely the case here, as the series launched during a very tough time in the publishing market.

The good news is that Fire Keep is done, it has an amazing cover, and I’m so excited to share it with you. The bad news is that due strictly to business reasons, it won’t be published by Shadow Mountain. Their support has been incredible, and this series would not have happened without amazing people like Chris Schoebinger and Lisa Mangum. But financially, sometimes a series just doesn’t take off the way you’d like it to. That’s why you don’t see it listed online anymore, and if you preordered it, you received a notice that it wasn’t available.

But the really good news is that I am publishing the book myself. Shadow Mountain gave me the great cover, and Lisa Mangum graciously offered to read it and give me feedback. I hired the amazing Annette Lyon to do the line edits (she edited books 2 and 3,) and I’ve hired some awesome people to typeset, do the cover, and get the book out in both physical and e-book format.

My day job gets really busy this time of year, but I am about ready to turn the final copy over to these great people. As soon as it is available on-line, I will let you know. Thanks for all of your support and for enjoying this series with me.

If you have any questions of comments, please feel free to ask me anything here or on Facebook.


  1. Bummer about Shadow Mountain not publishing it, but I’m really excited that you are self-publishing it!!! I can’t wait to see how it ends and I’m currently rereading Water Keep.
    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. That is rather sad that Shadow Mountain won’t be publishing it, but at the same time this is. The 21st century! Things have become a lot easier for people to do themselves! And I hope you are able to find success with Firekeep, because that story needs to go on! ^__^ wishing you the best of luck!


  3. Hello, I am so EXCITED to hear about Fire Keep, I’ve been waiting for about two years now since I’ve read Air Keep. But I thought there is another after fire which was Shadow Keep, right? Please tell me since you have to self publish that Shadow cannot continue!

  4. The biggest concern now is that the new publisher will produce a hardcover book that won’t match the previous three books as they sit on the bookshelf. 🙁

  5. Wow, great questions. At this point there will only be four books. Because I had already rewritten Fire Keep to wrap up the story, it would be really hard to go back and separate it into two books. I did leave some room to add another book down the road though, if it made sense.

    At this point, there is no immediate plan to do an audio book. But I am looking into it.

    As far as hardback, I am definitely going to have some kind of hard back book available. I’m hoping to have it look like the others, but I’m not sure.

  6. When will Fire Keep be available to buy? Right now I am in the middle of Air Keep and was wondering if I should start another book after Air Keep or wait until Fire Keep comes out (since I’m a big book worm!).

  7. Those limited edition self-published Fire Keep hardbacks signed by the author are going to be worth a fortune! Sign me up! Those poor fools that only have three signed Keeps on their shelves are going to be jealous.

  8. I’m sad to hear you aren’t doing an audiobook. My mother loves your books but can’t read anymore because of her eyes and only listens to audiobooks on audible anymore. Please do an audiobook for those visually impaired 🙁

    1. If it was up to me, I would. But since I am publishing it myself, I have to put up all the upfront costs and audio books are really expensive to make.

  9. My husband also has been waiting for the audiobook. He has a traumatic brain injury, so he can only do the audio. He loves your books!

  10. What happened with Fire Keep? I had it on hold at a library, but suddenly it dropped from my holds list. In fact, it disappeared from the site completely. I know it wasn’t released yet, but I had a pre-release hold on it. I searched all over, and all I can find is a 70$ copy on Amazon. Will it be released to the people who can’t afford that, or is that it?

  11. I’m sorry about it not being published by Shadow Mountain :/ But do you have any idea when it will be published by you? I’m really eager to read it 😀

  12. Hey, Jeff! I’m sorry Shadow Mountain won’t be publishing it, but I’m so glad you are. You and Jenn are awesome, and your books are too! I am looking forward to FireKeep very much!!

  13. I have children who are anxious to read your fire keep book. Good luck on the publishing. I would love to know when it’s finished. I have really enjoyed reading the first three books to my children.

  14. It’s really easy have an audiobook version of your book made by audible studios. You can even choose the narrator! I hope you are looking into it. I’m an audiobook reader too.

  15. I don’t know how this series “hasn’t taken off”. It is fantastic! I was so grateful to have stumbled across it. Is there an update on the release of Fire Keep? Very much looking forward to visiting Far World again!

  16. Please let us know when you release Fire Keep. Our family loves this series. Your writing takes us on a visual ride. These books would make a great movie. Thank you for not letting us down and finishing the series.

  17. My son just asked me for this book for his upcoming birthday – Was anxious to hear when it might be coming out?

  18. Hey everyone, thanks for all the questions about the FK release date. Right now it’s all in the hands of the people who make it a real book. Hoping it will be soon. I’ll shout from the rooftops as soon as it’s released. Promise!

  19. When, how, where can I buy this book!! I am totally psyched out for it! Thank you for writing a wonderful series!!

  20. I Love your series, I really hope that comfortable arrangements can be made to convert Fire Keep into an audiobook. I’m a lover of the written word by my job makes it extremely difficult to have time to read as I’m on the road driving a lot. Audiobooks and especially your books are an amazing exploration from reality in fantasy. both the previous narrators did exceptional performances, But if you have the opportunity to choose a narrator (If you don’t decide to do it yourself anyways, try listening to E.B Stevens narrate such books as the Fable Haven Series. I believe he’d do all the magic of your beautiful story justice. Thank you for enriching my imagination with the worlds you create.

  21. This book needs to be out soon because Farworld is my favorite series and this MAJOR cliffhanger has been on the cliff too long. Hope it comes out soon!

  22. Is it out yet? I can’t find it anywhere; not online, no in any store. Where can i buy this book & when? I’m so exited & i really really need to read it very soon.
    Thank you so much for this fantastic series! ^_^

  23. We just received Fire Keep in the mail today!!! We started reading the book tonight at bedtime. It’s really good so far. Thank you for finishing the series!

  24. When does Firekeep come out on audio CD? Or will this be yet another series that leaves those of us that buy the audio series, without another complete set?

  25. Mace,

    Fire Keep was not published by the publisher who did the other three books. That means that all of the publishing costs are paid by me. Hiring a narrator and audio technician to do an audio book is not cheap. This means I either need to find someone who will do the audio book for a percentage of the royalties or just not do an audio book. It’s purely a cost issue. I hoping to find someone soon.

    Thanks for asking!

  26. Howdy. I can’t seem to find a hardback copy of Firekeep for sale anywhere. Am I missing something? Also, I’d not be opposed to being a voice for your audio book. Just sayin’… 🙂

  27. Actually, I just now found a copy on For one reason or another I had to word it differently when I was searching for it. Previously it had come up as “currently unavailable” for a hardback copy. Glad I was persistent. 😉

  28. I love this series, i have it on audio.
    Not just children love your books, im 61 and i listen to it as i work around the house. Please let me know when the last book comes out.

  29. I greatly enjoy listening to your books on audible. I would like to help Fire Keep come to life as an audiobook. Please contact me so we can discuss. Thank you.

    Kind regards

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